"How do you get that sound out of a blues harp?

Most blues harp players stumble on the secrets of bending notes by blindly groping around until they get lucky. It can take months. This course is based on the idea that it is a lot easier to hit a target when you know where it is and how to aim for it.

This course is for people who have never bent a note as well as people who have been bending notes for years and are tired of working twice as hard for half the results they hear from other players who know how to relax cause they know what they are doing.

The exercises start from the most basic "get your first bend" to very advanced techniques for creating bends with different tonal qualities, and refining your chops so you can hit over-blows and over-draws.

I will be adding new videos and sheet music with harmonica tab to this course as I get more questions or comments. This will be a course that will be updated, improved and expanded. And the price will go up as the value of the course increases. But you will get all upgrades at the price you pay now to get in. Basically you are getting lifetime access at the current price. If you stay on the email list you will be informed of all new upgrades as they happen.

Example Curriculum

  How to get the most out of this course
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  Part 1 - The Basics & Draw Bends on Holes 1 - 6
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  Part 2 - The Blow Bends on Holes 7 - 10
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  Part 3 - Over Blows & Overdraws
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The Bending Course

Breakthrough exercises for building bending chops.

  • Clear, detailed explanations of what makes the notes bend on a blues harmonica.
  • Step by step exercises for rapid skill development.
  • Easy to use practice loops
  • Low risk ways to tweak your reeds for easier bends, over-blows, and over-draws.
  • These recordings give you someone to hang out with as you find your own way to play the notes between the notes.